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Carrots, pilots and polar bears

"Eat your carrots—they'll help you see in the dark" is a refrain that many of us have grown up hearing at the dinner table, but was it a ruse to get us to eat an affordable, British-grown vegetable? In World War II, the British government appeared to believe in these vision-enhancing properties, as the British Royal Air Force circulated propaganda suggesting that their pilots had excellent night vision because they consumed large quantities of carrots. Dr Carrot, the “children’s best friend” and the “adviser of grown-ups” was co-opted to promote carrot eating to help people see during the blackouts. But [...]

What about the immune system?

Viruses are everywhere. There are an estimated 380 trillion viruses inhabiting our bodies (here's a very interesting article about the human virome). There is much talk about treating viral diseases, but generally in the mainstream media there is very little information on our own innate resources. Here is some information on how you can protect yourself. There are two aspects to not contracting symptoms of a virus. On the one hand it's about minimising exposure, but just as importantly, on the other hand it's about optimising our immune system. So how do you do that? IMMUNE SYSTEM 101 1) Get [...]

Insulin Resistance and Acne: Unravelling the Connection

"It's not just about looking good; it's about feeling good and being confident in my own skin. But acne messes with my head, and it's a constant struggle. Some days, I try to own it and embrace my imperfections, but other days, it's hard not to let it affect how I feel about myself. I just want people to see past the acne and see the real me, but I can't even do that myself sometimes. It's like a delicate balance between accepting myself and wanting to be seen for who I truly am." The mirror reflects more than just [...]

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The Hidden Hero: Resistant Starch and the Gut-Boosting Bacteria

When it comes to gut health, we often hear about the importance of probiotics and fibre-rich foods. However, there's another unsung hero in the world of digestive health that deserves the spotlight - resistant starch. This often-overlooked component plays a vital role in feeding the good bacteria in your gut, leading to a myriad of health benefits. In this short read, we'll explore the wonders of resistant starch and its impact on the SCFA-producing bacteria that keep our digestive system happy and healthy. Resistant Starch: A Brief Overview Resistant starch is a unique type of starch that eludes digestion in [...]

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Going against the grain

While wheat bread is a staple in many people's diets, it can be problematical for health. Wheat, rye and barley contain gluten, a protein that can cause negative reactions in individuals with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease. But even if you don't have a gluten intolerance, consuming large amounts of wheat flour, which breaks down to glucose, can impact your blood sugar balance and contribute to insulin resistance - a slippery slope towards weight gain and increased risk for diabetes and heart disease. The gluten in wheat bread can disrupt the gut microbiota and make your gut lining more permeable, [...]

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New research on mind-boosting mushroom

Traditional Chinese Medicine and other traditional medicines, including our own, have used mushrooms medicinally since pre-history. Western researchers have studied some of these powerful adaptogens in more recent years, for their vast array of uses, and are confirming some of the age-old claims. One species that has been known for its potential mental health benefits is the lion's mane or hericium erinaceus mushroom. Recent research has demonstrated its ability to reduce the risk of depression and limit damage from Alzheimer's disease. An exciting new study by an international team of scientists published this week in the Journal of Neurochemistry highlights [...]

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Nurtural news – issue #2

In this issue: - Keeping your marbles: How to take action now to prevent dementia - A sprinkle of insight: the scoop on salt - Snack attack! Ten healthy snack ideas for guilt-free nibbles Keeping your marbles Nobody wants to lose their mind. But for women, dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease is now the no. 1 killer in England and Wales, and men aren’t far behind. “I’m getting old”, “I’m having a ‘senior moment’” – the language we use when we have memory lapses and momentary confusion is telling: popular culture would have us believe that dementia is a natural part [...]

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Nurtural News – issue #1

Welcome to the first issue of Nurtural News — - a serving of health tips, insights and research news in the world of nutrition. Nutrition science is an ever-changing landscape fed on the one hand by the collective knowledge of clinical practitioners who learn from their clients and patients, and on the other hand, researchers who study processes and patterns from the microscopic to the population level. As a Nutritional Therapist, I'm also interested in delving more deeply into the conventional wisdom about health and healthcare — the sweeping statements and generalisations that are spoken with authority by influencers, healthcare [...]

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Commit to your cells

Tips and tricks for remembering to take your supplements A friend told me recently that he'd been taking some very high quality supplements but hadn't noticed any difference in his health. He asked if he should continue taking them. "How many have you taken already, and when did you start?", I asked. "About half a pot, and about 6 months ago" was his reply. So he'd taken two weeks' worth of supplements over six months. That's like saying you had a full 7 hours' sleep on 14 days out of 6 months, but you can't understand why you're not feeling [...]

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Superfood Salad

We like to have one of these amazing, nutrient-dense salads on the go during the summer (and the winter, for that matter), so we make enough for a few days and keep it in the fridge. We use quinoa (a complete-protein grain with a lovely crunchy texture), lashings of olive oil, lemon juice and rind (the rind is packed full of healthy phytonutrients), along with various other superfood ingredients for a good dose of vitamins and other nutrients. Add your own healthy ingredient ideas in to the recipe below to ring the changes.

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