What about the immune system?

Viruses are everywhere. There are an estimated 380 trillion viruses inhabiting our bodies (here's a very interesting article about the human virome). There is much talk about treating viral diseases, but generally in the mainstream media there is very little information on our own innate resources. Here is some information on how you can protect yourself. There are two aspects to not contracting symptoms of a virus. On the one hand it's about minimising exposure, but just as importantly, on the other hand it's about optimising our immune system. So how do you do that? IMMUNE SYSTEM 101 1) Get [...]

The Hidden Hero: Resistant Starch and the Gut-Boosting Bacteria

When it comes to gut health, we often hear about the importance of probiotics and fibre-rich foods. However, there's another unsung hero in the world of digestive health that deserves the spotlight - resistant starch. This often-overlooked component plays a vital role in feeding the good bacteria in your gut, leading to a myriad of health benefits. In this short read, we'll explore the wonders of resistant starch and its impact on the SCFA-producing bacteria that keep our digestive system happy and healthy. Resistant Starch: A Brief Overview Resistant starch is a unique type of starch that eludes digestion in [...]

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