As an integral part of my practice, nutrigenomics testing with LifecodeGX gives me clues, in the context of other tests and in-depth discussion with you, to get to the bottom of the symptoms and issues you are experiencing. As a nutritional therapist, I take a personalised approach to wellness. Nutrigenomics testing is a groundbreaking tool that unlocks insights into your genetic makeup and its potential impact on your health.

I say “potential impact” because many of us may never develop the issues that could be associated with our genetic variants. That is because our bodies are usually extremely good at finding workaround solutions when things at the genetic and cellular level are not working optimally. But sometimes our environment and experiences tip the balance, and if the body is not given the conditions that allow it to optimise the genetic hand we’ve been dealt, it can start to struggle.

Genetic reports can highlight where you might need extra nutrients to fuel certain pathways, or explain why you may be getting certain symptoms when you’re particularly stressed. It can highlight whether your genetics allow you to make and transport vitamin D around your body effectively, or whether you need to supplement; whether you can convert the carotenes in vegetables to the potent form of vitamin A that helps with many aspects of health, especially as we age; whether you need certain forms of B vitamins to support thousands of processes; whether your liver is likely to struggle to detoxify certain environmental toxins; or whether your dopamine might be being broken down too fast, or the tryptophan in your diet is being directed away from making serotonin towards a damaging pathway, to name just a few of the hundreds of pieces of information that fit together in the fascinating genetic jigsaw that is you.

All of this knowledge can be put together to tailor your own individual plan. This is personalised medicine at its best, based on your unique genetic blueprint, as well as on your personal dietary preferences and lifestyle, helping you optimize your health and slow down (or reverse) the aging process naturally.

and get important nutritional nuggets to improve your health and wellbeing