The ingredients in Hepasil DTX help support your liver function, which plays many roles in maintaining your daily well-being:

  • Helps your body produce energy through supporting normal metabolic processes*
  • Produces vital substances needed to power your body*
  • Natural removal of fat, toxins, and waste products*


Hepasil contains a blend of botanicals that support your liver in its detoxification processes. These plant nutrients have been shown to increase the liver’s production of certain enzymes that metabolise and clear substances such as certain drugs, neurotransmitters like dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline, hormones including oestrogen, toxic substances such as environmental pollutants, and other waste products made in the body such as bilirubin.

One of the main functions of your almost-magical organ is assisting the digestive process in breaking down everything you consume. This action supplies the energy you need to power your day. Your liver uses many nutrients, including the biotin and choline in Hepasil DTX, to drive key parts of the metabolism process.*

Your liver uses biotin to form metabolic enzymes. These are substances that cause chemical reactions to break down and change macronutrients, like carbohydrates and protein, into useable compounds. And these biotin-dependent enzymes don’t just break nutrients down. They also help your liver make substances your body needs for energy, like fatty acids and glycogen (a type of sugar your body uses for fuel).*

Choline is used by the body to mobilize many steps of the metabolic process. One of the most important is helping to create phosphatidylcholine (a type of lipid) and betaine (an amino acid), which are vital for helping to move fats and cholesterol out of your liver. This vitamin-like substance is also necessary for supporting normal detoxification reactions.*

Your body can make some choline, but it also needs a steady supply from the diet. And unfortunately, many people don’t eat enough foods with choline. Additional choline could be even more important if you regularly participate in endurance sports (such as triathlons and marathons). Strenuous physical activity has been shown to reduce plasma choline concentrations by about 40 percent.*

Hepasil DTX is an excellent source of biotin and choline to help ensure you have plenty of both nutrients, so your liver can help keep you energized.*

and get important nutritional nuggets to improve your health and wellbeing


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