Vitamin D: Special Agent

ANGELA HENDERSON Sun-worship has been a feature of the human psyche for as long as history remembers, and not surprisingly, since sunlight is one of the fundamental ingredients for life on earth, as we all know. We also know that getting out in the sunshine just makes us feel so darn good! But just how important the effects of the sun are at the human cellular level — in particular its role in vitamin D production in the skin — is perhaps not quite so well known outside of academia and the healthcare system. It deserves to be. In fact, [...]

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How to Survive the 21st Century—Part 1

DAVID GRIFFITHS There are a multitude of factors which go to make up our overall health. Health should be defined not merely as the absence of disease but as a feeling of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual empowerment and wellbeing, which allows us to live our lives to their full potential. Our aim over the course of these articles is to both distill those elements of health to provide starting points for discussion, and then put some flesh on those bones. I’m very keen on using the pyramid below as a starting point to help people firstly to evaluate the [...]

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