What about the immune system?

Viruses are everywhere. There are an estimated 380 trillion viruses inhabiting our bodies (here's a very interesting article about the human virome). There's a lot of talk about treating viral disease at the moment, and about developing vaccines, but generally in the mainstream media there is very little information on our own innate resources. I [...]

Viruses and cellular nutrition: an immunologist’s perspective

Studies as far back as the 1960s and 70s looked at the higher rates of infection in malnourished children in developing countries in comparison with those who were adequately nourished. These were epidemiological (population) studies. But laboratory research has been demonstrating the role of micronutrition in cellular immunity for decades, too. "There's no virus that [...]

Are we defenseless?

When it comes to viral infections, national health policies focus heavily on disease management and vaccination -- which have their place. But this approach leaves a vacuum: Mainstream media like to perpetuate the belief that we are helpless and incapable of protecting our own health, and sadly, there seems to be an absence of any [...]