Nurtural Enhanced 12


12-week bespoke nutritional therapy package for 12 weeks. Includes 4 extra 20-minute check-in zooms in addition to the basic package, plus bespoke PDF recipe booklets. Based on your individual needs, health issues and goals.



Enhanced-level, 12-week Nutritional Therapy package. Includes:

  • 12-week package
  • Comprehensive case history assessment
  • Initial 1-hour consultation over Zoom or in-person, and two follow-up consultations of 1 hour
  • Analysis and explanation of test results
  • Health Optimisation Plan with tailored, negotiated dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations after each consultation, taking into account test results, symptoms, drug-nutrient interactions and case history, as well as individual preferences, restrictions and lifestyle
  • Access to professional-grade supplements through my practitioner accounts
  • Questions sent via email or WhatsApp up to one week after each consultation answered within 24 hours
  • Correspondence with your GP or other healthcare professional as necessary
  • Per 1-hour consultation after initial 12 weeks: £150


  • Check-in of 20 minutes on Zoom between each consultation and interim check-in. (Week 1: 1-hour; Week 2: 20 mins; Week 3: 30 mins; Week 4: 1 hour, Week 5: 20 mins, etc.)
  • Tailored recipe booklets in PDF format
and get important nutritional nuggets to improve your health and wellbeing


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